This Is Us, Sensually

not sure what episode 😢


Til death do us part,

I said that, didn’t I?


While watching the show I hadn’t seen for quite some time, I was reminded throughout the entirety, that life is just so short…

In the show, they brought up the “small stuff;” a woman on the show said,
”I wish we wouldn’t have gotten the satellite TV because now, we don’t

eat together

talk anymore

never know when to cook, because I don’t know where or when he’s going to eat

we never have S#X anymore.” to name a few

This we know, life is

Too short for:

  • not being with the one(s) you love

  • forgetting to move on when things just aren’t ‘right’

  • loving the wrong person for too long

  • rejecting another’s person’s needs when they’ve been said repeatedly

  • missing the sunrise & the sunset together

  • misunderstanding the poetry of a great conversation

  • not being there when she really just needs you to listen

  • breadcrumbs… she needs more than that!

Interestingly enough, I had just repurchased the book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,” (as mentioned in the episode) because I wanted to get to the basic fundamentals that we so seem to be lacking as of late; I wanted to reminisce on a book long ago that means so much (the author has since died, his wife gave a TED Talk) recently that really MOVED ME!!!

Want to MOOOOVEEE me…..

listen closely 👄👄👄👄 come a little closer, dear 🌬

Because being Sensual looks like this in my mind:

… ravaging on one another

… pillow fights

… tons of laughter

… massaging my breasts

… candles & soft music

… soft lighting so I can still see your face

… feeling your body next to mine

… soft or sloppy, wet kisses

… the way you look at me

When you remind your lover of your needs, just because you’re feeling maybe he’s not appreciating you, and it goes like this…

You’ve got the wrong man.

No Big Deal…certainly not.

Touching base? I want to touch home, baby.


Because BABY, I want you to know…

I want:

a healthy, devoted union, hot S * X , deep cuddles, comforting words, wide open doors for communication, deep conversations. Truest truths & finding the freedom in the depth of commitment.

Reminder, it’s the Small Stuff that matters, my dear. Get it right before you lose her.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

When I say, “I do,” I mean I do because I love you

I do because I care

I do because your are the one for me

I do because I feel the love in every word you say

I do because you’ve made me feel like a real woman

I do because … I LOVE Y O U !

Dear Ones,

If you haven’t learned to love a woman, the issues may lie in something I’ve forgotten to mention, but I’m going to bet you just might get it now.

Sensually yours,

Carrie B

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